MIG and TIG aluminium welding, steel welding

We offer a professional service in the scope of aluminium and steel welding in MIG/MAG and TIG technologies.

TIG welding is a universal method and can be deployed in all types of steel and aluminium processing. It enables clean, high-quality welding.

Our extensive experience allows us to achieve excellent quality welds and quickly join materials of various thickness in two primary techniques: MIG welding with the shielding of inert gases and MAG welding with the shielding of active gases.

In addition to manual welding, this method is performed in a robotic welding cell equipped with a multi-axis rotary positioner.

There is also an option to choose carbon steel and stainless-steel plasma welding, which is especially beneficial when joining very thin sheets.

The quality of a weld is confirmed by the welding certificates we hold:
– CL2 according to EN 15085-2;
– PN-EN 1090-1+A1:2012;
– PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007.